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We offer a variety of Shapeware and Natural Supplement
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Natural Supplements

Body Perfection

Garment made of reinforced powernet, with high back and bands that will increase your gluteous. Sizes: xs-5xl

Body Perfection Plus

It is the most complete and powerful garment. Takes inches off with strategic reshaping design and total tummy control and spine support. Sizes: 4xs-4xl

Camiseta de Caballero

Latex garment with an inner cotton lining that helps burn belly fat and correct posture. Sizes: xs-2xl

Camiseta de Dama

Shirt that provides medium compression and fully covers the back and allows you to straighten it. Sizes: 32 to 40

Body Lipo

A comfortable, practical, comfortable and functional garment that instantly reforms your body and without surgery. Sizes: xxs-2xl

Leggings Moldeadores

3-in-1 leggings that increase buttocks, refine your hips and legs, flatten your stomach and shape your waist. Sizes: s-xl

Faja Postparto

Specially designed for after delivery. With its two inner Velcro bands, it allows you to gradually close the ribs, flatten stomach and form waist. Sizes: 32 to 40

Body Light

Garment made with the highest technology, gives an invisible control. Completely covers the back and enhances the gluteus. Sizes: s-xl

Body Fantasy

Made with latex in the stomach with maximum control and support to lift the buttocks. Sizes: xs-2xl

Body Cocktail

Strapless underbust design provides serious abdominal lift and control. Sizes: xs-xl

Body Sirena

Has latex built in the stomach to burn fat and smooth stomach and comes with a full support panty. Sizes: xs-xl

Panty Control

Powernet garment that gives control to your stomach and increases your gluteus naturally. Sizes: xs-xl

Body Comfort

This latex lined shaper supports the back while it lifts the buttocks. Sizes: xs-2xl

Corset Perfect Waist

Powernet fabric waistband reinforced with 8 flexible rods and 3 rows of snaps to reduce and accentuate your waist. Sizes: xs-2xl

Cinturilla de Latex

This strapless body shaper is great for evenings out or to even exercise in. Sizes: xs-5xl

Chaleco de Latex

Latex underbust vest with adjustable front and shoulder fasteners. Controls upper back fat. Sizes: xs-3xl

Control Arm

Reinforced garment in arms for firmness, reduction and with support in the back. Sizes: s-4xl

Comfort Bra

Adjustable brassiere that covers the back and holds the bust giving comfort and comfort. Ideal for post-operative use. Sizes: xs-xl

Colágeno con Ácido Hialurónico

Excellent formula of collagen with great nutritional value, added with hyaluronic acid, biotin, magnesium and more. Strengthen your skin, hair, nails, bones and joints.

Gel Reductor

Thermal action burns fat and helps firm muscle without exercise or diets.

Crema de Colágeno con Elastina

This day and night cream prevents aging and restores moisture and hydrates the skin giving it radiance and firmness. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to fade.

Ultra Fiber

This rich fiber formula aids intestinal function and regularity. Contains alfalfa, wheat fiber, oat fiber, grape, celery, papaya leaf powder, peppermint and more.

Colon Cleanser

The colon is our disposal system of the body. Without the proper cleansing and elimination of our body.

Piñalix Té Adelgazante

Powerful formula of pineapple tea, green, red, white, cocolmeca, senna leaves and tlanchalagua will help eliminate toxins and fat and promote weight loss.


Chlorophyll is the green pigments of plants. For years’ people have used chlorophyll for its blood cleansing benefits to detoxify the blood.

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